Black and Grey Tattoos

Black and grey tattoos offer a lot of creative flexibility. These tattoos are typically created using shades of black and grey ink, allowing for intricate designs in range of styles. From delicate fine lines florals and dot work to elegant script and bold illustrative pieces, or even abstract designs like Trash Polka, the versatility within this style is really awesome. As a tattoo artist, Dave has worked hard in his craft to include a broad range of black and grey tattoo styles, from lifelike realism to striking and bold designs.

If you’re in the Okanagan or Kelowna, BC area and often find yourself soaking up the sun during the summer, black and grey tattoos can be a really great choice. The colour palette can help maintain the look of your tattoo under the sun.

Third Son Tattoo offers free consultations in a conveniently central location. Third Son Tattoo operates on an appointment-only basis, providing a personalized and welcoming experience for your next tattoo. Whether you’re adding to the collection or a first-timer, Dave is here to bring your black and grey tattoos to life with.

Check out some of Dave’s black and grey tattoo work below!

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Ready for Your Next Black and Grey Tattoo?

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