Here, you’ll find reviews from Third Son Tattoo’s awesome clients. At Third Son Tattoo, we believe that hearing from those who have entrusted us with their tattoo ideas is the best way to get a sense of what who we are and the studio. Below you’ll see an honest and unfiltered glimpse into the quality of service, artistry, and the welcoming atmosphere Third Son Tattoo provides. Whether you’re new to the studio or a returning client, we invite you to explore these testimonials and discover what others are saying about the shop!

“Dave is not only one of the most professional tattoo artists I’ve ever come across , he is in my opinion one of the best all around artists, period!!

I have had two Tattoos done by Dave and they are absolutely outstanding! I get comments and praise over there daily, I can’t wait for Dave to Start on my sleeves!!

I wish there was a higher rating as I would leave one in a heartbeat.”

Richard P.

“I remember my first tattoos from Dave, two hibiscus flowers on each shoulder around 10 years ago, and out of all my tattoos they are my favourite. I’ve since then traveled from Costa Rica to the new shop to have him add a new flower and I equally love it too. The shop is amazing roomy and bright and very clean.

Dave is calm easy to talk about what you want done. I definitely would trust his opinions cause he really knows and loves what he’s doing. Thanks Dave see you next summer for another!”

Laura C.

“I always look forward to going to see Dave. He’s extremely professional, cares about his clients and it’s easy to tell he has a passion for not just tattooing but art in general. Dave’s a wealth of knowledge on tattoos and tattoo history and has always been great to bounce ideas off of. The shop is bright and open and has a great atmosphere. It’s been a pleasure getting tattoos from Dave over the past few years and I look forward to many more.”

Trevor G.

“I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Third Son. I can honestly say as someone who was nervous about getting another tattoo after a previous experience that I was blown away by his quality of work, industry knowledge and customer service. After comparing other shops I am confident when I say you will not have a better experience somewhere else.”

Paulos P.

“Dave first tattooed me 5 years ago, a small tribute piece on the top of my foot. Since then, he has earned my ever lasting respect as an artist, and now someone I call a friend.

The last 5 years Dave has tattooed a full body suit on me, and we have spent hundreds of hours together during the process. As someone who’s body is approximately 70% covered in original Dave Allen tattoo work I think he is personally the best in the business.”

Chris S.

“I am in love with the pieces Dave has done for me so far. Stellar guy, outstanding work! He is always very conscious in paying attention to his client’s gut reaction to the artwork in order to make sure you are getting what you really want. Looking forward to getting so much more work from this guy!”

Sue G.

“Dave is awesome! Very friendly and professional. I don’t think at this point I would want to go to anyone else. Great work and attention to detail”

Craig C.

“I started my tattoo adventure with Dave in the mid 2000’s, he gave me my very first and second tattoo. I was driving to Kelowna with no plan to get a tattoo but messaged Dave to see if he could sneak me in for a other one of his rad tattoos and the guy made time for me early the next day to catch up. Thanks for the great work as usual dude, it was so nice to catchup! I am going to be uneven now, see ya again sometime soon friend!”

Chris C.

“I’ve got a few from Dave now and there will be more. He’s an awesome artist who can take your ideas and make them better. He’s fast and fair and knows what he’s doing and just an all around great guy.”

Glenn C.

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