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Welcome to Third Son Tattoo’s tattoo portfolio! Here you will find a wide range of tattoo styles our experienced tattoo artist Dave specializes in. As you’ll see below, Dave seamlessly blends tradition and innovation to consistently produce kick-ass tattoos that not only endure but also represent you.

Explore our work below and see for yourself some of Dave’s completed Japanese, American Traditional, Illustrative, Black and Grey tattoos, and Tattoo Cover Ups. Each style reflects his dedication to the tattooing tradition and the passion he holds for the craft.

At Third Son Tattoo, we believe that custom tattooing is the an awesome way to express yourself. Dave takes pride in working with clients to create one-of-a-kind designs that truly represent their unique stories and aspirations. Whether you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, modern and trendy, or to rework an existing tattoo into a badass piece of art, Third Son Tattoo is your trusted partner on your tattoo journey.

kelowna japanese tattoos

Japanese Tattoos

Here you can explore Third Son Tattoo’s Japanese Tattoo portfolio, which features a mix of traditional and progressive styles.

Our portfolio features some awesome Japanese artistry, capturing the heart and soul of this centuries-old tradition. While at the same time, not shying away from contemporary innovation and style. From classic motifs to cutting-edge designs, our Japanese tattoos are sure to hit you with a lot of inspiration for your next piece.

Discover the depth and versatility of this wicked style, and let Dave bring your vision to life!

American Traditional Tattoos

Check out Third Son Tattoo’s American Traditional tattoo portfolio, which features a wicked mix of trad and neo-trad art.

Our portfolio honours the bold lines, limited colour palette, and instantly recognizable imagery that defines American Traditional tattoos. Whether you’re looking to get a traditional Sailor tattoo or a one-of-a-kind neo-traditional piece, you’ll find plenty of killer ideas in our collection.

Explore the timelessness of American Traditional tattoos here, and let Dave help you design a tattoo that’s bright, bold, and uniquely yours!

kelowna american traditional tattoos
kelowna black and grey tattoos

Black and Grey Tattoos

Looking for tattoos on the darker side? Then explore Third Son Tattoo’s Black and Grey tattoo portfolio!

Here you’ll find a range of awesome designs, from intricate black work to striking realism, all expertly rendered in black and grey ink. This versatile style allows for you to take complete creative control, making sure your tattoos are uniquely yours.

Discover Third Son Tattoo’s Black and Grey tattoo portfolio. Let Dave demonstrate how this tattoo style can make a wide variety of stories, images, and meanings a reality.

Illustrative Tattoos

Here you can explore Third Son Tattoo’s Illustrative tattoo portfolio, which features a variety of creative ideas.

Illustrative tattoos are incredibly versatile. With designs that range from thin graceful florals to bold and dynamic images. Illustrative tattoos are perfect for showcasing realistic representations of cherished memories to imaginative interpretations. All of which are expertly brought to life by our experienced artist Dave.

At Third Son Tattoo, we’re here to make your tattoo dreams a reality. Explore our portfolio, and let’s create a tattoo that tells your story!

kelowna illustrative tattoos
kelowna tattoo cover ups

Tattoo Cover Ups

Do you have a tattoo you kinda hate? Then check out Third Son Tattoo’s Tattoo Cover Ups portfolio!

See for yourself the incredible skill and creativity of our artist as he makes that kinda shitty old ink into something rad as hell.

Our portfolio showcases awesome transformations, demonstrating how even the most challenging tattoos can be beautifully covered-up or reimagined.

Explore our portfolio and let us help you make your bad or old tattoo a thing of the past, replaced with a badass masterpiece.

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Ready for a New Tattoo?

Your journey into the world of tattooing begins here at Third Son Tattoo!

Whether you’re looking for a timeless Japanese piece, classic American Traditional, striking Black and Grey, captivating Illustrative, or a transformative Cover Up, dave is ready to collaborate with you to make something kick-ass.

Book a consultation with us today and let’s make your tattoo dreams a reality!

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