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Getting tattooed doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass. Sure, it can be intimidating to visit a tattoo studio for the first time. Maybe you’ve even had a bad experience with a tattoo artist in the past, and you feel like you weren’t a part of the process. Third Son Tattoo is a tattoo shop in Kelowna where you can feel comfortable and confident you’re going to get a quality experience.

With over two decade of experience in the tattoo industry, Dave has seen it all and then some. With his commitment to quality and artistry, Dave ensures that every tattoo experience is an awesome one. As one of Kelowna, British Columbia’s top professional tattoo artists, Dave is here to ensuring your next tattoo is a great one.

Collaborative Style

The consultation process is your chance to talk about your ideas, ask questions and listen to a professional tattoo artist’s creative thoughts. It’s free and the first step in getting a great tattoo.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to come with a fully formed idea. By taking advantage of Dave’s creativity you’ll not only get to work with a professional tattoo artist, you’ll also get a badass tattoo. Dave looks forward to working together to create a tattoo that truly reflects your vision.

Less Attitude, More Listening

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At the heart of Dave’s commitment to quality tattoos lies a genuine desire to provide the best for his clients. He recognizes that every client wants to get a tattoo that is not only personalized but also kick-ass. By removing the mystery often associated with the tattooing process, eliminating any pretentiousness (or “tattitude,”), and shedding any trace of artist ego, you get a tattooing experience where you and your ideas are the main focus.

Whether you like Traditional Japanese, American Traditional, or Black and Grey tattoos, or if you’re looking for an artist to transform your ideas into an awesome piece of art, Third Son Tattoo stands as the top tattoo studio for you.

Schedule a consultation with Dave, and discover why he is known as Kelowna’s best professional tattoo artist. Your tattoo journey begins here!

International Credibility

For more than two decades, Dave has earned a distinguished international reputation within the world of tattooing. His experience and connections has taken him on a remarkable journey. Where he has collaborated with artists from across the globe, spearheading international fundraising initiatives, and experiencing exciting new travels. These experiences have not only solidified his standing as a highly regarded tattoo artist, but have also established his reputation as a person and artist of exceptional character.

Tattoo Documentary

Dave is a strong advocate for contributing to the tattoo community. He’s dedicated seven years of his life to the creation of the documentary titled “Hold Fast Stay Gold.” This documentary covers the badass journey through the evolution of custom tattooing in Canada over the span of three decades.

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Ready for a New Tattoo?

Don’t wait to get your next tattoo! Book a consultation with Dave, Kelowna’s leading professional tattoo artist at Third Son Tattoo.

Let’s turn your ideas into something awesome today!

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