Tattooing and COVID19

Here you will find everything you need to know about tattooing and COVID19 at Third Son Tattoo.

Our Responsibility to You.

Our first priority is your safety as well as our own. We want to assure you that we have always operated a clean and safe studio in accordance with provincial health regulations. We are trained in cross contamination and exercise a high degree of caution at all times. We feel confident we can mitigate the risks associated with COVID 19 by introducing new protocols in the work place.

This starts with limiting the number of people in the studio. We will be reducing the number of clients we allow in the studio, staggering our work shifts, closing the shop to walk in’s or client visitors. Consultations can normally be done online.

We will be wearing face masks as well as all the other barrier and safety measures we normally take.

The shop will be cleaned before and after each client with special attention payed to common touch points like doors and faucets.

We will not be working if we are sick.

There will be increased flexibility in rescheduling for clients with no fear of loosing a deposit if you are sick.

A more extensive list of our protocols can be found below.

Your Responsibility to Us.

We will be in contact with you before your appointment to discuss our shop protocols, your health, where to find info on self testing, and to reassure you of any concerns.

We expect you to take the self assessment that you can find here.

We will have you sign a waiver that includes your acknowledgment of our COVID protocols and expectation.

You should not get tattooed if you are ill, immune compromised, have travelled in the last 14 days, or think you may have been in contact with someone that is sick.

For a full list of these protocols see below..

Important Information Regarding COVID 19

COVID19 Self Assessment Tool

COVID19 General Info and Guidelines BCCDC

Third SonTattoo COVID Protocols for Clients.

As a visitor to the studio you will have to get used to some new expectations. 

  • All consultations will be conducted online if possible.
  • Every client will be asked to complete a self assessment as prescribed by the BCCDC which you can find here.
  • There will be no family or friends allowed to accompany you to your appointments.
  • You will be expected and instructed to wash your hands on arrival and periodically through your visit.
  • Masks are mandatory for all visitors.  We encourage you to bring your own, but one will be provided if you do not have one.
  • If you are sick, have been out of province, or come into contact with anyone that’s been ill we will gladly rebook you.  We will not be tattooing anyone that can not pass the self assessment or shows any symptoms. No one will lose a deposit for canceling because of illness.
  • We will talk via text or email the day of your appointment to go over both our well being to insure each other’s health and address any concerns. 
  • Below you will find links to various Government sites with important health information regarding COVID. 

When I closed the studio there were far too many unknowns and I felt like I could not guarantee anyone’s safety, but as time has passed and more information has become available I now believe that tattooing can be done safely and with minimal risk of COVID transmission.  This is only possible if we follow the protocols I have outlined. 

I have also included the list of protocols I am required to submit to the provincial health authorities.  These are mostly in regards to how we will operate in the studio as tattooists but there is also some info regarding our expectations of you.  Please read through it to educate yourself and hopefully relieve any stress you may have. 

Important Information Regarding COVID 19

COVID19 Self Assessment Tool

COVID19 General Info and Guidelines BCCDC

Opening Protocols for Third Son Tattoo.

In order to reopen and provide the highest degree of safety for our clients and ourselves we can supplement our already stringent cross contamination and sanitation protocols with the following measures. 

Our studio is a private, appointment only, low volume studio by design.  We are confident that with these enhanced protocols we are well prepared to safely reopen.  

Tattoo Safety Protocols Preparation

o Additional PPE to be ordered and kept in stock for the period which clients are being

accepted. Including but not limited to; nitrile gloves, disposable aprons, face masks, barrier film, surface disinfectants, hand sanitizer, dental bibs, drape sheets, disposable pillowcases, clip cord sleeves, bottle bags, disposable ink caps, machine bags, disposable razors, etc.

o Local medical supplies are  procured From: BC Stevens Medical Supply

o Face masks to be worn by the client at all times. Will be provided if one is not brought. 

o Face masks to be worn by the artist at all times during

the procedure.

o Thorough hand washing to be practiced by artists and clients on a regular basis.

o Adequate supply of hand sanitizer and face masks at the entrance.

o Specific COVID 19 self evaluation information as per BCCDC post at entrance. 

o Write and implement new protocols for staff and clients to read and abide by.

o Staff meeting to review new protocols to ensure compliance and understanding as well as reviewing all available info regarding COVID19 and what is known about how it is transmitted. Reference material will include the BCCDC and the information provided by the Provincial government.

o Thorough disinfection of workspaces, common areas and washrooms prior to opening and in between appointments with attention to common cross contamination points like doors and faucets etc.. 

o Amendment of release forms to include Covid-19 health questions.

o Create a verbal questionnaire emulating the self-screening tool for Covid-19 as prescribed by BCCDC.

o Keep contact information for WorkSafe BC and BCCDC on hand and available for clients and staff.

New Protocols

o All staff and clients must take the self-screening tool before entering the studio.

o Reduce occupancy to allow minimum 6 feet between clients in common areas.

o Open for appointment only,no walk-ins, no guests, no client visitors.

o Staff and clients must go through a general survey and/or the self-screening tool before

confirming an appointment to assess the safety of the situation.

o Day of appointment online or phone screening coordinated with each client which will       include the need for self evaluation as prescribed by the BCCDC

o Follow up calls to clients to ensure they are in good health following the appointment.

o Shop checklist log to show that cleaning is done regularly.

o Enhanced cleaning and disinfection regiment to include common touch points such as

countertops, door handles, dispensers, and light switches.

o Hand sanitizer and face masks installed at the front entrance with instructions on use.  

o Introduction of new PPE for both practitioners and clients. Medical grade masks, face

shields/protective eyewear to be introduced to each artist’s preparation regiment.

o Waiting areas will not be used. Clients will be encouraged to wait in their vehicle or outside.

Client Screening and COVID Risk Mitigation Measures

o When confirming Appointment The Day Before,use a verbal questionnaire to confirm

there have been no changes to health.

o Clients are not permitted to refill their personal containers from water dispensers.

o If the client shows signs of Covid-19 following the appointment,client must inform the

business and the artist immediately, and confirm any positive results.

o Shop to run a limited client workload and only tattoo 2 clients per day per artist with enough time in between to ensure proper sanitizing practices.

o At the time of booking the appointment, instruct clients on new shop protocols and their responsibilities to ensure everyone’s health and safety.  Direct them to the BCCDC self testing information.

o The day before the appointment,call the client to confirm that no information has

changed, and to take the self-screening tool in the morning before coming to their


o Amend the client forms to include questions regarding Covid-19 health,and have it

signed by the client.

o No client shall be allowed into the studio if they can not meet the self testing guidelines provided by the BCCDC, have returned from travel within the last 14 days, or suspect they have been in contact with anyone infected with COID19.

o Clients in high risk demographics such as the elderly or those with comprised immunity will be discouraged from getting tattooed unless they can provide a letter of support from their medical professional.

Tattoo Artists Guidelines:

o Artists must ensure clients take the self-screening too, provided by the BCCDC, and are to also be screened by telephone before an appointment is booked, and will not be given an appointment if they have Covid-19 symptoms. 

o People identified as symptomatic should be instructed to call UrgentCare BC

o Clients must take the self-screening tool the morning before coming into the

appointment, and report any changes in health to the artist and studio.

o Staff and clients must stay home when ill  with Covid-19 symptoms.

o Appointment times are staggered to allow physical distancing, unless the adequate

space of 2 metres apart is in place per artist. Clients should attend alone, without family

or friends.

o Have the business open by appointment only, no walk-ins. Consultations can be done

safely over the internet, phone or at an appropriate social distance.

o Staff are given information and verbally briefed about physical distancing as well as

newly introduced sanitization measures to ensure protocols are clear and acted upon. 

o External signs are posted indicating Covid-19 physical distancing protocols,

along with floor markings where lines form.

O We have a single point of entry.

o No  more than 6 people may gather in common areas.Congregation of people will

be actively discouraged.

o Hand sanitizer is available at entrances and exits for public and staff use.Masks to be

provided upon entry to clients if they have not brought one.

o Customers may wear non-medical masks, or one will be provided to them. The mask

must be worn until the procedure is complete and the customer has exited the studio.

o Clients must sanitize hands upon entrance to the facility,and put on the mask provided.

o Workstations are kept a minimum of two metres apart and are sanitized between patrons.

o Equipment, instruments and material that cannot be disinfected between clients cannot

be reused. Equipment to perform services must use available disposable coverings.

o Washrooms have frequent sanitization and cleaning supplies are in a convenient location. 

o Magazines, and artist books are to be removed from the waiting area.

o On site coffee machine is closed.

o Artists are required to use protective gloves,disposable aprons,and face masks

when providing service.

o Prior to opening, in between clients, and at the end of the day disinfect/sanitize all surfaces that may come into contact with customers and employees.

o Cashless or no-contact payment should be used to the greatest extent possible.

Important Information Regarding COVID 19

COVID19 Self Assessment Tool

COVID19 General Info and Guidelines BCCDC