Kelowna’s Professional Tatoo Artist

Getting tattooed doesn’t have to be some huge challenge. Sure, it can be intimidating to visit a tattoo studio for the first time. Maybe you’ve had a negative experience with a tattoo artist and you feel like you were’t a part of the process. Third Son Tattoo is a place you can be at ease and confident you are going to get a quality experience. With over 20 years in the tattoo industry, Dave has seen it all and then some. Trust that he can do better. He’s Kelowna’s Professional Tattoo Artist.

Collaborative Style

The tattoo experience should be collaborative affair between client and tattoo artist. Through a in-depth and thorough consultation, you and Dave, can explore your ideas and options. The only expectations on you are to show up with an open mind, a willingness to share your ideas, and speak honestly. The consultation process is your opportunity to talk about your ideas, ask questions and listen to a professional tattoo artist’s creative thoughts. It’s free and the best first step in getting a great tattoo. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to come with a full formed idea. Take advantage of full time artists creative process. Work with a professional to get a tattoo that exceeds your expectations.

Less Attitude, More Listening

At the heart of it, Dave wants the best for his clients. He understands that a beautiful or kick ass tattoo is what every client hopes for. By removing the mystery, attitude ( tattitude anyways, Dave has a fun personality), and artist ego you get to enjoy a first class tattoo experience that puts you at the centre of it. How novel!

Whether you are looking for a Japanese , Traditional American or Black and Grey tattoos, or someone to illustrate your ideas into something you will love forever, Third Son Tattoo is the tattoo studio for you. Book a consult with Dave and see why he is considered Kelowna’s professional tattoo artist.

International Credibility

In the 20+ years Dave has been involved in Tattooing he has cemented an international reputation. From working with artists from around the world, to leading international fundraisers, or just traveling for curiosity, it has established his reputation as a quality human and tattooer.

Tattoo Documentary

Dave believes in giving back and spent 7 years creating the documentary Hold Fast Stay Gold. It chronicles the rise of custom tattooing in Canada. A bad ass and funny ride through 30 years of tattooing.

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