Smilin' Dave Allen of Third Son Tattoo Okanagan BC
Wanderlust King!
That's me, the gypsy tattooer with itchy feet!lol
I am officially moving this sideshow back to my beloved BC. Those that know me understand my love affair with the rivers of that province. Couple this with a deep desire to be close to my friends and network of tattooers and fisherman and it seemed inevitable that I would return.

I will be tattooing full time at Craftsman Tattoo in White Rock BC, and bumming it as a fly fisherman on my home river, the Thompson.

Come by and say hello and get a sweet tatty from this Gypsy!
...and the circus leaves town.
I am hitting the road again. Winter seems to bring out the wanderlust in this
I'll be in Hamilton @ Cottage 13 for three days (February 15-16-17) and then off to Moncton NB for the following week of understated debauchery and creative impairment.

Come get some ink, or at least say hey and buy me a drink!
Art Prints
Starting soon I will have art prints available for sale online and at the shop. Check back on a regular basis for new editions and updates.
End of Summer update...
What a great summer! Kincardine has been an awesome new home. The folks at the Sugar Shack have made my move very comfortable. Everyday is an eyeopener and Scott continues to inspire and teach. I'm a lucky tattooer!lol

The shop is busy but I could fit a few more people in each week. Come on in or give us a call, I'd love to hear your ideas.

It's finally happening!
I am currently on the road....again! This time I've packed up the truck with all my earthly posessions and am tattooing my way east.

I will be a fixture at Sugar Shack Tattoos in Kincardine Ontario! Working with the ever talented Scott Duncan. I can't wait to get settled in and working.

I'll be tattooing in Red Deer, Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg before finally arriving at my new home. Give me a shout, get tattooed!lol
New Website!
Welcome to the new site. Please bare with me as I am traveling. Photo's will be up and running shortly.
Westcoast Tattoo COnvention
I have a few openings left for the Abbotsford Convention. Give me a shout to book.

April 17th-19th @ the Tradex.

Look for me at the Big Booth...League of Gentlemen Tattooers.
Cross Canada Tattoo Tour
Whoa! What a trip so far! From Vancity to Toronto and back, it's been a long cold winter on the road to be sure. What a great time. There's been no end to the generosity and hospitality. Can't thank my tat bro's enough!lol

I am presently working my way back west. Leaving the fine folks at Kapala in Winnipeg tomorrow. Tattooed a couple weeks and experienced the Just For Kicks art/gong show first hand! Can you say Sake?

Next stop is Red Deer. Looking forward to seeing Lucas and the crew at Classic Tattoo once again. I will be back home briefly at months end before heading off to the coast to work at Sacred Heart before the West Coast Tattoo Convention. Come visit!