Cover Ups

Shitty tattoos are more common than you think. Laser can, at best, lighten your tattoo.  Maybe if you spend thousands, you’ll almost get rid of it.  Why not cover it with a tattoo you’ll be proud of? I’ve been covering tattoos for years and have learned a lot of valuable techniques in my travels.  Cover ups are a challenge and you shouldn’t trust just anyone.  Often the tattoo doesn’t even have to be black or really dark.  Contact me and we can figure out how to take care of that bad tattoo!  Best cover ups in Kelowna!

What most artists won’t tell you.

You don’t have to get laser. Sure, it helps make life easier for the tattooist, but it’s not always necessary.

Tattooing is already expensive and you should be hiring a professional with a solid skill set. Years of experience working with top tier artists has taught me a lot and one of those things is tricks for covering unwanted tattoos.

Your three choices.

  1. The first option is laser. It’s an option but the reality of the situation is that it will never 100% get rid of the tattoo. Black is the easiest colour to laser, but other colours can be stubborn. It’s expensive, and yes, it hurts more than tattooing. Don’t get me wrong, one or two laser sessions can make a cover up easier, but it’s not always needed.
  2. Second choice is to add to the tattoo. This is a great idea for many but can also go bad. What’s worse than a small tattoo you hate? A bigger one. Embellishing a tattoo that doesn’t work already poses as many challenges as a cover up. The old saying, you can’t turn chicken shit into chicken salad comes to mind. In this case you need to choose your artist wisely and understand that you will need to compromise on design. The artist will have some ideas on what will work best. Best to trust them if they have experience. By all means, this is a collaborative affair but it’s better to follow the artists suggestions if you trust them. Again, the only thing worse than a small tattoo you hate is…..a bigger one. This goes for option three.
  3. A cover up. the most challenging of your three choices. This choice comes with compromise. You may not cover the tattoo 100%, they often show through over time. Colour choice, composition, and subject matter all play into covering a tattoo successfully. It’s not as simple as just putting one tattoo over another, and it doesn’t have to be black. But you will have to compromise some vision to the artist if you want an effective tattoo you will be happy with.